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Dimitris Papadimoulis elected EP Vice President

Today in Strasbourg, GUE/NGL MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis was elected to the position of EP Vice President.

Papadimoulis commented: “I would like to warmly thank MEPs for the trust and confidence they have showed in my ability to assume the office of the Vice President of the EP”.

“As a Vice President, I will seek to uphold the integrity of the Institution and strive for it to be more transparent, while strengthening and defending the role of the Parliament in the EU decision making process. Millions of citizens have put their faith in this new Parliament which is supposed to be ‘different’. I want to make sure that we will not disappoint them with the same old faces and policies. We need hard work and determination. The citizens of Europe expect concrete results from us and not just empty words.

The Greek MEP continued: “My first priority as Vice President of the European Parliament would be to reinstate the ‘lost generation’ and to push for real alternatives to austerity. The European people need a democratic and social Europe without regional disparities and social inequalities.”

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