Curriculum Vitae

Dimitrios Papadimoulis

  • Vice-President, European Parliament
  • Head of the SYRIZA delegation
  • Member of the European Parliament’s “Progressive Caucus” steering commitee

From 2014 Dimitris Papadimoulis is the only Greek and the only representative from the GUE-NGL political group at the Presidium of the European Parliament.
According to the VoteWatch.EU, he is the most influential Greek MEP in the European Parliament.

Born in 1955 in Athens. Graduated with distinction from Varvakeio Junior High School of Athens and studied with scholarship at the School of Civil Engineering of NTUA (National Technical University of Athens).

He has worked as an engineer and business executive for 25 years (1980-2004).
He is married to Nadia Soubasaki and they have two children.

  • His first term in the European Parliament was in 2004-2009, and shortly afterwards he was elected in the Greek Parliament in 2009 and 2012 (2009-2014).
  • Ηe was re-elected as an MEP in the 2014 European elections.
    At the suggestion of Alexis Tsipras, he was unanimously elected head of the SYRIZA delegation at the European Parliament.
    In July of 2014, he was elected Vice-President of the European Parliament with a percentage of 42.1%.
    He was re-elected Vice President in January 2017 with a percentage of 73.5%.
  • In May 2019, he was elected first, with the highest number of votes from the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance MEPs and took over as head of the SYRIZA delegation at the European Parliament.
    In July 2019 he was re-elected Vice President of the European Parliament with a percentage of 60.5%.

He is a regular member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) and a substitute member of the Committee on Regional Development (REGI).

Responsibilities as Vice-President of the European Parliament:

– High-level Group on Gender Equality and Diversity, Chair
– Working Group on Information and Communication Policy, Member
– Chancellery of the European Citizen’s Prize, Member
– Replacing the President for European trade unions
– Replacing the President for the Council of Europe and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)

Parliamentary Delegations

– D-US, Delegation for relations with the United States – Member
– D-ACP, Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly – Substitute


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